Behind every successful woman
is a tribe of other successful women.


Our Ambition

We are on a mission to build global Sisterhood. We bring female leaders from the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds together to elevate and activate their untapped potential to be pathfinders, CEOs, and thought leaders
for a better future.


Your Guides


Victoria foster

Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst FutureWomenX


Patricia Becker

Co-Founder & Chief Future-Maker FutureWomenX


Victoria Foster and Patricia Becker are the co-Founders of FutureWomenX.  They co-design & lead female leadership programs and guide top women executives and entrepreneurs through their career and business challenges in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

They have a combined 45 years of experience in leadership positions, and are an example of global partnership, with Patricia based in Amsterdam and Victoria in New York. Both started in the corporate world, and left to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures and dedicate their lives to “paying-it-forward” to other courageous businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who dare to design their own future. And that’s you!

Victoria and Patricia lead a global collective of FWX guides committed to empowering female leaders, and elevating women leaders to be co-designers and drivers for our collective future.  Each guide brings in her unique experience, her expertise, and her tribe to unlock potential, connect the dots, and accelerate impact.  Collectively, we ignite a ripple effect that creates greater possibility together than is possible alone.


Your Tribe

Our hand-selected FutureWomen are ambitious, can-do businesswomen with global mind-sets. They are edgy, inquisitive, and committed to using business as a force for good. They are either leaders in large corporations or founders/CEOs of their own companies from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds.

They join FutureWomenX at a pivotal crossroad, wanting to invest their energy in something truly impactful. They need space to explore their next step, while surrounded by peers willing to ask big questions, have meaningful conversations, and experience genuine accountability from women who understand. 


“What will the world look like when women really own their power and support other ambitious women
to do the same?”

-Victoria Foster, co-Founder FutureWomenX


"It's not up to you to decide you’re not a role model. The other women decide that for you. So live up to it. Always."

-Patricia Becker, co-Founder FutureWomenX


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